About us

General background:

IPRE was established in March 2015 as an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit action center for research and analysis, founded by a team of national and international experts, former governmental officials, civil servants and career diplomats.


Since 2016, IPRE is a member of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum (www.eap-csf.eu) and contributes with expertise to the EU-Moldova Civil Society Platform. In 2017 IPRE joined the Southeast European Leadership for Development and Integrity (www.seldi.net) as Associate Partner and became member of www.WeBuildEurope.eu THINK Network.


To accelerate the European integration of the Republic of Moldova by promoting the implementation of systemic reforms, increasing participatory democracy and strengthening the role of citizens in decision-making processes on the national and local levels.

Core Activity objectives:

  1. Conduct research, public policy development and monitoring of the key areas of transformation as provided by the EU-Moldova Association Agreement;
  2. Promote research and public policy products on the local, national and European levels, including through advocacy actions, building and participating in thematic non-governmental coalitions;
  3. Empower youth and local media aiming to promote civic engagement and participatory democracy.

Thematic Areas of intervention:  

  • European Integration and Eastern Partnership;
  • Foreign and Security Policies;
  • Justice Sector and Anti-Corruption;
  • Public Administration Reform;
  • Trade, Economic development and sustainable energy;
  • Social inclusion and minorities integration;
  • Youth development.


IPRE has become one of the leading Moldovan non-governmental organization specialized on issues of European integration, foreign policy and good governance, affirming itself as a credible reference center for research, policy development and empowerment. At the same time, IPRE managed to go beyond traditional research-based think-tank, contributing to citizens’ participation in assessment and promoting public policies. Since its foundation, IPRE has implemented 21 projects (including ongoing) that further developed and improved Institute’s expertise in contributing to the Europeanisation process of the Republic of Moldova, namely by:

  • Independent monitoring an evaluation of the implementation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement;
  • Research and public policies development in the field of European integration;
  • Networking and building bridges with Think-Tanks;
  • Building and participating in national non-governmental advocacy initiatives;
  • Promoting citizens participation and engagement in decision making-process at the local level;
  • Youth empowerment;
  • Empower regional and local media.

Thus, IPRE managed to:

  • Organize over 50 seminars, conferences and thematic workshops at the national, regional (Ukraine) and European levels (Brussels, Berlin);
  • Develop and publish over 50 publications, studies, reports, policy papers (thematic analysis), policy briefs and memos (analytical notes);
  • Promote our activities through over 900 appearances in national and regional media;
  • Become one of the most followed Think Tank from Moldova on Facebook, with over 7000 followers.

Strategia de comunicare și vizibilitate (2020-2025) (available in RO)

IPRE’s Gender Equality Plan (2022-2027)


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