IPRE contributes to strengthening the role of civil society and the community of justice experts with the support of the European Union and Soros Foundation-Moldova

17 April 2020

The Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE) presented in a recent videoconference with the participation of development partners and key actors in the justice sector the priorities for intervention in the field of justice and integrity, implemented in projects carried out with the financial support of the European Union and Soros Foundation. Moldova.

Starting with November 2019, IPRE in partnership with the Legal Resources Center of Moldova participates in the development and monitoring of justice policies within a project funded by the European Union. The activities carried out aim at:

  • Reviewing policy documents and legislation on the evaluation and selection of judges and prosecutors;
  • Evaluation of the efforts in the implementation of the justice reform, including the activity of the Superior Council of Magistracy, the Superior Council of Prosecutors, the General Prosecutor’s Office and the courts;
  • Monitor and formulate policy proposals in the justice sector and the fight against corruption, identify relevant gaps and promote alternative solutions through opinions, position notes, public events and raising-awareness activities.

More details on the project “Support in developing and implementation of justice policies in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented with the financial support of the European Union area available here.

In addition, starting with March 2020, IPRE initiated a new project supported by the Soros Foundation-Moldova which aims to promote a transparent, systemic and grounded process of reform of the justice sector in the Republic of Moldova by strengthening the role of civil society and the community of experts in monitoring, developing and promoting policies. In this regard, IPRE will contribute to the creation and support of a Working Group of Justice Experts consisting of lawyers and public policy experts not employed in the public sector. Soon, IPRE will launch a public call for those interested in participating in the work of this group, which will contribute to the development of monitoring reports, public policy opinions and proposals and to the preparation of the White Paper on Justice.

More details about the project “Justice Expert’s Group (GEJ)” implemented with the financial support of the Justice and Human Rights Department of the Soros Foundation-Moldova are available here.


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