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EU’s Strategic Sovereignty start in Eastern Europe /// EURACTIV

By Gustav Gressel and Nicu Popescu While European societies take stock on the impact the COVID-19 pandemic on the EU, it has been increasingly common to hear that the pandemic proved the need for the EU to be more strategically sovereign. No doubt about that. But the real test for EU power and its strategic sovereignty won’t be in masks,…
Published on: 13-05-2020   

Post-crisis solutions COVID-19: how can we facilitate the recovery of the economy with the support of external partners? Op-Ed /// IPN.MD

Source: IPN.MD “The revival of the economy of the Republic of Moldova in the next period will depend on the capacity of the Chisinau authorities to respond to the current challenges. The limited budgetary resources can be supplemented by the support of external partners, based on a coherent and transparent plan of post-crisis measures” Forecasts One month after the establishment…
Published on: 17-04-2020   

The coronavirus in Eastern Europe: Avoiding another Chernobyl

Commentary Thornike Gordadze, Joanna Hosa, Dumitru Minzarari, Tatiana Stanovaya, Andrew Wilson Eastern Europe has so far not seen an outbreak of the coronavirus as severe as that in the west of the continent. But the situation is changing. The number of reported infections in Russia has increased significantly in the past week, amid concerns that the numbers from the region…
Published on: 02-04-2020