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The case of neutral license plates: vacuum in communication or communication in a vacuum? Op-Ed /// IPN.MD

Author: Mihai Mogîldea Source: IPN.MD „Throughout the previous week, the issue of neutral license plates has returned to the attention of the public. This was due to differences of opinion between Chisinau and Tiraspol, artificially inflated by the separatist regime from the left bank of the Dniester. Behind these divergences, there were two decisions regarding the temporary limitation in crossing…
Published on: 24-01-2020   

Why was Moldova’s Reformist Government Ousted? ///

Cristina Gherasimov and Iulian Groza Berlin, Chisinau BIRN November 15, 2019 When Maia Sandu’s administration was in power, Moldova’s justice system got too close to having its first independent Prosecutor General – a risk that the country’s old corrupt elites could not afford. After taking office in June 2019, the government led by Prime Minister Maia Sandu of the pro-European ACUM bloc made…
Published on: 15-11-2019   

You cannot build a prosperous future based on a wasteful model /// APE Newsletter

Dumitru Mînzarari, researcher, doctor of political science, associate expert with IPRE.   I met Dumitru Mînzarari in Chisinau between the two rounds of the local elections. He came home for an IPRE brand event, where he is an associate expert, but also after a tense period during which he took his PhD in political science at the University of Michigan-Ann…
Published on: 11-11-2019