1 July 2022

The Republic of Moldova is particularly vulnerable to disinformation campaigns due to its media and information landscape, which is segregated by language and population group.

In addition to the Moldovan authorities, which have the task of improving the regulatory framework against disinformation, Moldovan civil society has an advisory and supportive role to play in building resilience against disinformation. Civil society support and dialogue with the government and parliament is needed to accompany these sensitive reforms. In addition to the audiovisual media, the poorly regulated social media and messenger services in particular pose a potential threat to social peace.

reforMD aims to strengthen resilience against disinformation through dialogue measures between civil society and political actors as well as capacity building at the local level. Media products such as videos, podcasts and TV debates, will be used to respond to disinformation campaigns concerning the policies of the EU and its member states. Civil society exchange on the issue with Germany and other member states will be promoted.

Project activities

– Workshop series at local level and fellowship programme for civil society actors;
– Policy debate series and advisory missions to improve the regulatory framework against disinformation;
– Timely response to disinformation in social media;
– Disinfo Lab to share strategies against disinformation.

Project implementation period: 01 July 2022 – 31 December 2022


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