IPRE MEMO: Context of the initiation of the criminal investigation against the suspended Prosecutor General, Alexandr Stoianoglo

21 October 2021

The Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE) issued a MEMO, which describes the context that preceded the initiation of criminal proceedings against the suspended Prosecutor General, Alexandr Stoianoglo.

The MEMO was prepared by Pavel GRECU, expert on justice and human rights issues, member of the Group of Justice Experts(GEJ), provides a snap=shot about: the vision and actions of the Prosecutor General Alexandr Stoianoglo since October 2019; the first criminal case of Viorel Morari, former Head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office; suspicions regarding Alexandr Stoianoglo’s relationship with Veaceslav Platon; the amendments to the Law on the Prosecutor’s Office, as well as on the process of initiating and conducting the criminal case against the Prosecutor General.

The facts presented in this document will be further analysed in an analytical note on the legal aspect of the case filed against the suspended General Prosecutor, Alexandr Stoiango, which will be published soon.

For more details read the MEMO here.

This MEMO was developed within the project “Increasing resilience to systemic kleptocracy in the Republic of Moldova”, implemented by IPRE and financially supported by the Soros Foundation Moldova. The content of the document represents only the opinion of IPRE experts responsible for its elaboration and does not necessarily reflect the position of the Soros Foundation Moldova.


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