IPRE Annual Report for 2019 and Action Plan for for 2020-2021

20 August 2020

Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE) publishes today the Annual Activity Report. The report informs about on the main activities and results of 2019, the financial situation, as well as the priority actions planned for 2020-2021 aimed at achieving the following strategic priorities:

  1. Promoting the Europeanization process of the Republic of Moldova;
  2. Contributing to community development and citizens empowerment;
  3. Strengthening IPRE’s research and analysis capacities.

Some key number of 2019:

  • 17 implemented projects;
  • 40 publications, policy briefs, opinions and reports published;
  • 24 videos to present and promote policy documents;
  • 349 appearances in online media, TV and radio;
  • 13,099 visitors to the webpage ipre.md
  • 37 public events organised
  • 531,675 online viewers of 21 online events broadcasted by privesc.eu

In the spirit of transparency, the Report is presented to inform our partners, beneficiaries, the general public and all those interested in IPRE’s activity.

The document was approved online by IPRE’s Board on August 19, 2020 and is available in Romanian here and in English here.

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