Eastern Partnership in the next decade: Towards new ambitious deliverables – a focus on Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

10 July 2020

The Institute for European Policy and Reforms (IPRE), in cooperation with International Renaissance Foundation (IRF, Kiev), Open Society European Policy Institute (OSEPI, Brussels) and in partnership with the EaP Civil Society Forum Secretariat (EaP CSF), EU Neighbourhood East Forum, EU and EaP partner think-tanks organises on Thursday, 9th July, an online brainstorming session on the future deliverables and milestones for EaP beyond 2020.

The online event brought together over 50 representatives of the EU institutions, researchers and experts to reflect on the key priorities of the EU’s EaP policy in the next decade with a particular focus on the Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The participants emphasized the need to further develop a structured dialogue of the think-tank community with representatives of the EaP governments and EU institutions, in order to continue the consultation process related to the new deliverables for the Eastern Partnership, to be proposed by the European Commission in early 2021.

The results of the discussions will be the basis for a Non-Paper with key proposals on the new deliverables of the Eastern Partnership after 2020. The paper will be developed in a partnership of several think tanks from the EU, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine and will be presented in autumn to the European Commission, EEAS, the European Parliament, the foreign ministers of the EU and three Associated EaP countries.

This event was organised in the framework of the IPRE’s project: “Establishing Policy Bridges with the EU”, implemented with a grant offered by the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE).



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