Policy Brief No. 2/2020. Institutional framework and competences of public actors during the state of emergency

10 April 2020

Author: Iulian Rusu

This policy brief reviews in detail the institutional framework created on the basis of the existing legislation regulating the state of emergency, established in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The analysis reviews, in particular, the competences of the public actors involved in the management of the state of emergency, answers to the question if the available administrative resources and the instruments assigned by law are efficiently used and, finally, offers a set of recommendations. Given the rapid evolution of the situation, the analysis focused on the most essential measures and actions taken by the authorities until April 10, 2020. Thus, first of all, the policy brief will present in retrospective the actions taken by authorities as a response to the pandemic, after which it will analyse, based on the legislation in force, the framework of competences and how efficiently they have been used.


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