WHITE BOOK OF GOOD GOVERNANCE: Policy priorities for the next 12 months for the Government of the Republic of Moldova

19 July 2019

Given the formation of the new Government and the urgent need to promote a number of policies and reforms to strengthen a good governance in the key development sectors, Expert-Grup Independent Think-Tank (http://www.expert-grup.org) , the Center for European Policies and Reforms (https://ipre.md/) and the Legal Resources Center from Moldova (https://crjm.org/) joined their efforts to develop the White Book of Good Governance.

The paper represents a short synthesis of the main policies and reforms related to economic, social, justice, foreign policy, security, defence and public administration reform sectors, as well as the implementation of the Association Agreement (AA) and of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA) with the EU, which are recommended to be implemented by the Government during the next 12 months. These were identified following a number of policy analyses and studies conducted by Expert-Grup, IPRE and LRCM that combine three core principles: (i) urgency of implementation (need to be implemented as soon as possible); (ii) financial and technical feasibility of implementation, and (iii) expected short- and long-term impact.

The authors do not insist that the proposed list of recommendations is exhaustive, but strongly recommend that the Government included them into its activity plan. At the same time, the authors are open to providing their expertise to promote and implement these recommendations, including in partnership with other civil society representatives and the development partner community.



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