Project: Public hearings for Chisinau

24 May 2019

Development Partners: Foundation Open Society Institute (FOSI)

Implementing partners: Mayor office of Chișinău,,

Implementation period:December 2017 – November 2019 (extended until DEC 2019)

General Objective of the project is to ensure a higher standard of living by improving the quality of the local authority’s decision-making process by promoting policies and dialogue between authorities, citizens and the civil society.

Specific Objectives:

  • SO1: Strengthening civic participation in the municipality of Chisinau, by empowering citizens and civil society organizations to participate in the local decision-making process and increase the civic engagement;
  • SO2: Improving the quality of local authority decisions by providing the expertise in public policies in the field of infrastructure and transport, public administration and local public services.
  • SO3: Promoting the participation of citizens in the decision-making process approved by the City Hall and the Chisinau City Council through public hearings.

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