PUBLIC APPEAL. The Strategic Priorities of the Civil Society in the Anticorruption Area

13 December 2016

Institute for European Policy and Reforms (IPRE), in collaboration with the Institute for European Politics from Berlin, organized the conference “Civil Society Strategic Anti-Corruption Priorities”. During the conference was presented the public appeal on civil society anti-corruption strategic priorities.

The public appeal was discussed and finalized with the support of civil society organizations: Association for Participatory Democracy – ADEPT, Association for Efficient and Responsible Governance – AGER, the Anti-corruption Alliance, Resource Center for Human Rights – CReDO, Student National Anti-corruption Center, Legal Resources Centre from Moldova – CRJM, Center Pro-Marshal, Institute for Development and Social Initiatives – IDIS “Viitorul”, the East Europe Foundation, Soros Foundation-Moldova, Association “Promo-Lex”, Habitat, Union of Invalids.


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