Drivers from Republic of Moldova will pay the highest fines from Europe

27 June 2016

The Moldovans will pay the highest traffic fines from Europe. This is after the majoring from 20 to 50,5 lei of the conventional unit, legislative amendment adopted recently by the Parliament. The conclusion belongs to the analysts of the European Institute for Politics and Reforms (IPRE).

În rezultatul analizei experții au constatat că, deși abordarea autorităților din perspectiva indexării la inflație este corectă, un aspect extrem de important care a fost trecut cu vederea este nivelul amenzilor raportat la venitul populației.

“As a consequence of the amendment voted by the Parliament in the first reading, once with the conventional unit increase, will major also the fine which we pay in report with the average wage. Thus, Moldova will become leader on European plan on the traffic fines, the fine for speeding, with 21 km/h above speed limit, being equivalent with 30% from the average wage. If we would compare with the European average, we will pay by 5 times more for the traffic fines”, claims Eugen Ghileţchi, IPRE economist.

Regarding the intervention for the damages caused by offenses, the IPRE experts consider opportune the separation of conventional units for offenses and crimes or the increase of the number of units applied for certain offenses.

“For not putting a pressure of over 250% on citizens, in the conditions of an economic contraction, it is welcomed the level of the conventional unit to be equivalent with 0,5% from the average wage, that means 25,25 lei. This represents an increase of 25% in comparison with the precedent year, which will cover a part of costs caused by inflation”, considers Adrian Ermurachi.

At the elaboration of this analysis, the experts compared the level of the fine for speeding, with 21 km/h above speed limit, reported to the average wage in 21 European countries.

The average on those 21 states show that the citizens of these countries pay 5,2% from the monthly wage for the speeding above the speed limit with 21 km/h. The highest level is registered in Romania – 15,6% from the average salary, and at the opposed pole is Austria – 1,5% from the average salary.

In the current conditions, when the conventional unit is of 20 lei, the exceeding of the speed with 21 km/h on the territory of Moldova is sanctioned with 600 lei, the equivalent of about 27 Euro, representing 12,1% from the average salary.

The new provisions will enter into force immediately after the law’s voting in the second reading in the Parliament.

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