Study: The media situation, perspectives, contacts and mutual perception between journalists from both banks of Nistru River

23 June 2016

Author: Valeriu Chiveri

The Transnistrian conflict left a deep hurt in the relations between the two sides, which obviously affected all fields of social and economic life. After almost 24 years of continued efforts and attempts to settle the conflict, the perception of separation continues to exist, media on the both banks of Nistru River having a particularly high role in maintaining and feeding this state of disbelief and lack of confidence. The research paper Professional situation, perspectives, contacts and mutual perception between journalists from both banks of Nistru River developed within the project „Review of internal and external factors’ impact to the process of the Transnistrian conflict settlement” examines the Transnistrian conflict settlement through the role of the media and the prism of the public perception created by the media on both banks, as well as tries to observe the coverage of Moldovan realities by Transnistrian media and vice versa.

Despite quite a long period of conflict settlement, the media did not exceed stereotypes and was not able to play a really positive role in the peace and confidence building process, accentuating in many cases the feeling of separation and division, rather than conciliating and uniting.

Usually, media is focused on the beneficiary on its bank since reciprocal distribution of printed media is practically non-existent. At the same time, despite all difficulties, the broadcasting media and Internet seizes more and more media space, becoming preferred source of news and opinions and offering more information, but unfortunately not always accurate and objective.

Also, Chișinău failed to understand the importance of media in the settlement process by accurately informing citizens from the left bank about developments in the country. There is actually no state policy in promoting reintegration of the country in the media. From its part, Tiraspol insistently continues to promote the development of two separate entities, using for that the entire capacity of local media. Also, Russia has a great influence on the processes on the both banks as the large part of media market in the Republic of Moldova, including in the Transnistrian region is captured by the Russian media.


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