Declaration of civil society organizations on the campaign aimed at discrediting representatives of the diplomatic corps in the Republic of Moldova

19 April 2016

The representatives of civil society organizations express their deepest concern about the campaign led by some political interest groups and affiliated media institutions aimed at discrediting the representatives of the diplomatic corps that monitor the evolution of reforms in the Republic of Moldova.

We condemn the accusations made by these groups in saying that members of the diplomatic corps interfere in the justice act or that members of the diplomatic corps can only give general talks about the problem of corruption and cannot point at concrete illegalities and anti-democratic deviations.

We demand that these political interest groups stop their unfounded and inadmissible attacks.

As the Republic of Moldova started on the European path, the European Union launched a major campaign of financial, technical and expert assistance to support the reforms in our country. Therefore, we believe that the foreign donors have the right to present their opinion not only vis-à-vis the implementation of separate activities from action plans, but also about the results of these reforms or their absence.

One of the reasons for civil society organizations that monitor reforms in the country to share their opinions and expertise with international institutions, donors and development partners, is to influence decision makers in Moldova to consolidate the state of law and democracy based on a free market economy.  The critical opinions passed by the representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Moldova, especially of the partners that invest the money of their taxpayers in the development of the Republic of Moldova, present a useful and necessary for the Government and Moldovan citizens evaluation and the conclusions of the foreign diplomats need to be treated sincerely and honestly to correct the path of the reforms and initiate modifications in the areas that lag behind.


Agenția de Cooperare Transfrontalieră si Integrare Europeana
Asociatia Internationala a Pastratorilor Riului Eco-TIRAS
Asociatia Presei Independente
AFPMDD (Women’s Association for the Environment Protection and Sustainable Development)
Business Consulting Institute
Centrul de Analiza si Prevenire a Coruptiei
Centrul de Resurse DIALOG-Pro
Centrul de Resurse Juridice din Moldova
Centrul pentru Jurnalism Independent
Centrul pentru Politici si Analize in Sanatate
Consiliul Național al Tineretului din Moldova
Fundatia Est-Europeana
Fundația pentru dezvoltare
IDIS Viitorul
Institutul de Instruire in Dezvoltare “MilleniuM”
Institutul pentru Politici si Reforme Europene
Institutul pentru o Guvernare Deschisa
RCTV Memoria
Transparency International – Moldova
Uniunea organizaţiilor invalizilor din Republica Moldova


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