The experts have developed solutions for the energy sector of the Republic of Moldova

25 September 2015

A group of experts on energy and economics have drafted a resolution, which identifies the important problems in the energy sector. They proposed an action plan meant to overcome the crisis. The resolution was supported by many analytical centers and NGOs.

The experts mention that the main cause of the crisis in the energy sector is the depreciation of the national currency. The difficult situation is also fueled by other factors, including population low income and state dependence on a single supplier of natural gas and electricity.

According to the authors, the state institutions responsible for the energy field are promoting a policy that breaches the law. The Resolution states that in 2014 the Parliament has approved an amendment to the Law on Natural Gas contrary to the European norms. This led to the increase in consumer expenses with more than 300 million lei annually. The experts note the existence of intermediaries in the imports of electricity, as well as the need to bring to justice the people responsible for the consumers harm.The experts drew attention to the lack of any compensation mechanisms for the socially vulnerable layers. The experts say that the approval of the new rates was performed with deviations from the Law on transparency in decision making, and the gas tariffs published in the Official Monitor are higher than the tariffs announced by ANRE at the public meeting on the 17th of July. “Moreover, the decisions to suspend the tariffs have no legal basis, as well as the obligation of the operators to perform international audits. In fact, the alleged international audit refers only to the correctness of the calculation of tariffs and not to operators’ activity, fact that denotes its strong populist character” – says the Resolution.The action plan proposed by the expert group suggests that changes in the legislation should be made in order to enhance the independence of ANRE, as well as to create an Advisory Council, that would include independent experts. According to the authors, the decisions of suspending the tariffs should be annulled and the decision to increase the tariffs should be revised, by organizing public consultations under the law. Resolution signatories consider it necessary to organize a complex control of all operators in the energy sector, involving independent experts and specialists from the specialized state institutions.

The signatories of the Resolution call on the authorities to publish the following documents:

  • the contract on the establishment of the JSC “Moldovagaz”;
  • the privatization contract of RED Chisinau, RED Centru and RED Sud;
  • the procurement contracts for electricity and natural gas, as well as the enclosures to these contracts

The Resolution also proposes the creation of an advisory group, composed of representatives of the civil society to monitor the process of interconnection to the Romanian power system.Appendix: The Resolution on the situation in the energy sector

Chisinau, September, 24, 2015


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