IPRE about the need for a competent public administration composed of qualified and motivated civil officials. VIDEO

22 September 2015

The Institute for European Politics and Reforms (IPRE) has launched a new graphic spot that presents the need for a competent public administration composed of qualified and motivated civil officials.
The IPRE experts consider as obsolete the approach that a public institution may be able to fulfill its mission only because of the leader/manager of the institution, although the perception persists in many countries, including the Republic of Moldova. And the approach, according to which the employees are considered people who can be easily replaced, is also a wrong one. The modern management requires that each employee of the institution, contributing to the change and achievement of the mission, is a leader, and that performance of the institution, among other things, depends on the continuous development of employees’ capacities and the employees’ retention policy.

The authors note that the officials are demotivated by non-transparent recruitment, unjustified and subjective wage increases, as well as by the inefficient management. For these reasons, although there are huge sums invested in officials trainings, the Government ca not withhold the employees by motivating them to work in public institutions.
This requires a set of immediate measures to stop the exodus of civil officials from institutions, otherwise all investments from the public budget and donor money made for capacity development will be wasted further.
It is necessary to develop and implement a guide to non-financial motivation of employees;
– to implement the principle of mobility which would allow highly skilled officials  to be seconded officials in other institutions;
– to ensure the implementation of performance management ( today 97% of civil officials are evaluated with good and very good grades), which should exclude political interference in the administration;
– the officials recruitment process should be modified, focusing on skills and competences, but not on  knowledge, etc. This is the fourth movie in the IPRE series of 16 videos, which develop the concept of public policies together with citizens and for citizens. The other graphic spots will be launched by the end of the year. Each movie will explain what is a public policy developed in the following fields: social and healthcare, economic development, justice and corruption, foreign policy and European integration. The project is supported by the European Endowment for Democracy, based in Brussels.

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