Project: Policy Bridges with the EU: Securing Europeanisation process of the Republic of Moldova

10 March 2020


Policy Bridges with the EU: Securing Europeanisation process of the Republic of Moldova


Overall Objective (OO):

The OO of the action is to contribute to securing the Europeanisation process of the Republic of Moldova, by monitoring the process of implementation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement (AA) of the Government, conducting policy and advocacy partnerships with Moldovan and EU expert community, non-governmental actors and as well as policymakers from Brussels and other EU capitals.

Specific Objectives:

In this regard, the action includes two key groups of activities aiming at attaining two specific objectives of the action:

  • A1ÞSO1: Enhance civil society and think-tank community capacities to conduct monitoring, policy development and communication on promoting the AA implementation;
  • A2ÞSO2: Support an evidence-based, structured and reform-oriented policy dialogue and advocacy activities promoting the Europeanisation process of the Republic of Moldova.

Key Activities:

A tailored set of activities implemented by the IPRE project team together with two key project experts and a group of non-key project experts will include in particular:

  1. Produce six thematic policy briefs, accompanied by six videos;
  2. Publish Op-Eds in Moldovan and EU media and think-tank outlets,
  3. Organise informal policy dialogue events;
  4. Organize a Workshop aiming at empowering Moldovan CSOs and think-tank community experts on strategic communication and advocacy activities on the national and European levels;
  5. Conduct four advocacy visits to EU capitals and one return advocacy visit to Chisinau for EU expert;
  6. Organise one conference in Chisinau at the end of the project duration.

Project Beneficiaries:


  • Moldovan CSOs, think-tanks and expert community, in particular those that are members of the National Platform of the EaP CSF and EU-Moldova Civil Society Platform
  • Moldovan policymakers in particular from: MFAEI (as the main coordinator of EU-Moldova AA implementation) other relevant ministries and the Government, Parliament and MPs.
  • EU policymakers in particular from: Brussels (EEAS, European Commission, European Parliament), EU member states MFAs
  • Moldovan and EU media outlets
  • General public, citizens of the Republic of Moldova.

Duration of the Action:

The action will be implemented during a duration of 14 months (March 2020 – June 2021).


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