Strengthening the resilience against the systemic kleptocracy in the Republic of Moldova

12 August 2021

Background: Corruption and organized crime in the Republic of Moldova has reached all possible levels and found accomplices and protection not only in the force structures, but also in justice. This phenomenon of kleptocracy in the Republic of Moldova is highlighted in political structures, both by multiple suspicions of influence on economic processes and the circulation of funds which come from crimes, and which are subsequently used to finance political parties, and by corrupting and coercing actors in the justice system. This project aims to address the following major issues:

1. Perpetuation of kleptocratic practices in the justice field and politics in the Republic of Moldova.
2. Lack of investigations with an adequate finality of the high corruption cases as well as of the kleptocracy rooted in the system.
3. Misinformation of the general public of the Republic of Moldova in what concerns the phenomenon, through media holding companies belonging to certain political actors.

General objective: Raise awareness of national and international public on actions to uncover, deter and counter of the organized crime and corruption cases with the involvement of politicians, public officials, and actors in the justice system of the Republic of Moldova, which pose a direct threat to state security, to the rule of law and to individual security, respectively.

The main activities of the project:
1. Communication and strengthening of the understanding of the general public and the international community in relation to the phenomenon of systemic kleptocracy in the Republic of Moldova.
2. Periodic and constant information of external partners on the main developments of the kleptocratic cartel in the Republic of Moldova.
3. Promotion of the products developed within the project on social media, radio, and TV.

Expected results: IPRE aims to discourage and weaken the kleptocratic system in the Republic of Moldova by raising costs at national and international level for corrupt politicians and actors in the justice system, involved in protecting criminal interests, promoting impunity, undermining democratic institutions and the rule of law.

The project “Strengthening the resilience against the systemic kleptocracy in the Republic of Moldova” is implemented by IPRE in cooperation with the community and with the financial support of Soros Foundation Moldova.

Project duration: June 2021- February 2022



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