IPRE experts concluded that a limited progress in the implementation of the commitments under the EU-Moldova Association Agreement was achieved during the first three quarters of 2017
The main findings and conclusions of the project “Consolidating National Identity in the Republic of Moldova within the Process of Association with the European Union” were discussed at the Closing Conference
The second Press Club Meeting: The role of Europeanization and the current state of affairs in strengthening the inter-ethnic integration in the Republic of Moldova
The main conclusion of the Cahul public debate: “It’s time to focus on what unites us, not what divides us”
The future of Eastern Partnership: Moldova, Ukraine share experience with Armenian partners /// Public Radio of Armenia
Challenges and opportunities for strengthening civic identity were debated in a Town Hall organized in Balti
Participants of the EaP Think Tank Forum developed a set of Policy Recommendations for the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit