The second Press Club Meeting: The role of Europeanization and the current state of affairs in strengthening the inter-ethnic integration in the Republic of Moldova
The main conclusion of the Cahul public debate: “It’s time to focus on what unites us, not what divides us”
The future of Eastern Partnership: Moldova, Ukraine share experience with Armenian partners /// Public Radio of Armenia
Challenges and opportunities for strengthening civic identity were debated in a Town Hall organized in Balti
Participants of the EaP Think Tank Forum developed a set of Policy Recommendations for the upcoming Eastern Partnership Summit
35 young people from Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine participated in a simulation of the Eastern Partnership Summit
IPRE Workshop: Estonian best practices in fighting corruption and promoting transparency in public procurement
IPRE Public Debates: Civic identity in the Republic of Moldova has to be consolidated, at the same time maintaining the specific identity and cultural heritage of the ethnic communities in the country