Who are we?
An action center for research and analysis, founded by a team of national and international experts. In 2016, we joined the National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum.

What is our Mission?
Our mission is to accelerate the European integration of the Republic of Moldova by promoting sustainable reforms, increasing participatory democracy and strengthening the role of citizens in decision-making processes and promoting public policies.

Our vision is to develop Moldova based on European values and standards.

We aim to:
I. Contribute to community development, strengthening of civic activism and participatory democracy;
II. Develop public policies that will ensure sustainable transformation of the Republic of Moldova  based on the European development model;
III. Promote public policies through advocacy at the national and local government levels.

Areas of public policy:
European Integration; Justice and Anti-corruption; Economic Development; Social and Health Policy; Foreign and Security Policy; Public Administration Reform.

Our Achievements
I. Community development, strengthening of civic activism and participatory democracy:
– We created a network of volunteers;
– We founded local participation councils;
– We consulted citizens on the local level in the process of developing public policy proposals.

II. Public policy development:
– We developed policy proposals in a range of areas, in particular competition, judiciary reform and fight against corruption, energy, economic development, Association Agreement, public administration reform and banking and financial system.

III. Advocacy:
– We organized public debates with civil society, development partners, entrepreneurs, as well as local and central authorities;
– We promoted, explained and disseminated our public policy proposals through videos and info-graphics;
– We actively used media platforms of national, regional and international levels;
– We became the most followed Think Tank in Moldova on social networks.

We Succeeded in:
1. Creating and strengthening a network of over 100 volunteers
2. Helping to create 14 local participation councils in 14 towns of Moldova
3. Supporting 13 local project initiatives
4. Organizing over 40 seminars, conferences and thematic workshops at the national, regional and European levels
5. Developing over 50 publications, studies, thematic analysis, reports and analytical notes
6. Signaling frauds in competition and energy sector, banking sector and management of state enterprises
7. Continuously monitoring the implementation of Moldova-EU Association Agreement: publishing progress evaluation reports  and thematic analysis in key areas
8. Developing 12 animated and social media videos to explain and promote public policy proposals
9. Becoming the most followed Think Tank from Moldova on Facebook, with over 4000 fans
10. Promoting our activities through over 600 appearances in national and regional media
11. Promoting European reforms by developing 14 public policy concepts, in 6 priority areas
12. Creating two regional IPRE offices, in Balti and Cahul.

Acticity Reports: