The European Institute for Politics and Reforms (IEPR) is an association of opinion leaders in the field of public policies needed to accelerate Moldova’s European path. The IEPR focuses on research, in particular on public consultation and advocacy in the following key areas: public administration reform, anti-corruption, economic development, European integration, security and social reforms.

The IEPR provides analysis and solutions based on evidence and extensive consultations with various stakeholders of the population to overcome the major challenges of the Republic of Moldova. The IEPR involves in its activity full time experts and associated experts – mainly specialists from diaspora, volunteers from regions of Moldova, as well as people interested in public policies from districts grouped in Local Councils of Participation. However, the IEPP develops and implements modern methods of communication with community representatives, civil society and public authorities, thus involving all relevant actors to ensure effective expression and engagement of all decision-makers in the policy making process.

The mission of the IEPR is to involve the general public, people in the complex process of developing public policies, developing and making decisions, and concentration of available specialized expertise, in order to identify the most effective solutions, to make an effective change in Moldova that will irreversibly put the country closer to the EU integration.