(VIDEO) Policy Bridges with the European Union – IPRE initiative after 2 and a half years

In the autumn of 2017, IPRE launched the project “Establishing policy bridges with the EU”, implemented with the support of the Open Society Foundation Initiative for Europe (OSIFE). We aimed at creating research, policy and advocacy partnerships with think tanks from the European Union, in particular from Germany, the Netherlands, France and Austria. Our main objective was to contribute through our activities to a more active promotion of Moldova’s Europeanization on the public agenda in our country and in the EU.

During the last 2 and a half years, IPRE has managed to carry out several research activities, exchanges fellowships, advocacy visits in partnership with the Institute for European Policies from Berlin (Institut für Europäische Politik), the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), the Austro-French Center for Rapprochement in Europe (CFA) from Vienna, Science Po Research Center (CEVIPOF) from Paris, Center for European Security Studies (CESS) from Groeningen and Clingendael Institute from Hague.

In partnership with over 50 think tanks from the EU, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova and in cooperation with the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, IPRE has facilitated new Eastern Partnership reflection platforms, such as the EaP Think-Tank Forum or EaP Reflection Forum.

Most recently, we published the study “Moldova’s Europeanization: Beyond process”, which includes compilation of three policy papers with the contributions of a group of researchers from the Republic of Moldova, Germany, the Netherlands and France. The authors analysed the Europeanization process of the Republic of Moldova via three dimensions that require decisive interventions at national level and with the support of the European Union, namely societal, political and security.

For more details about this and other IPRE activities please watch the Video report below.

This video is produced within the project “Establishing Policy Bridges with the EU – IPRE (Moldova)”, implemented by the Institute for European Policies and Reforms with the support of the Open Society Initiative Foundation for Europe (OSIFE). The views expressed in this video are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Foundations for the Open Society (OSF).